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"Only weirdos go to gyms."

April 1st 2020.

One of my clients told me that "Only weirdos go to gyms."

We were talking about how all the gyms in Toronto are currently shutdown because of the COVID lockdown and I am inclined to agree.

It is rather difficult to dispute her assertion when you consider the type of people who go to gyms, of which roughly half of them then awkwardly hit on the women they see at the gym. It is one of the reasons why "women only gyms" have become more popular because women are tired of men hitting on them all of the time.

One also has to assume that at least a percentage of the people at gyms are also serial killers (or want to be serial killers). I mean, come on... Just look at these people. Anyone of them could be a serial killer.

And even if they are not a serial killer there has to be something WRONG with the person, otherwise they'd already be in a relationship right?

Thus they're either single (and there's something wrong with them) or they're married and they want to cheat on their spouse. That is really the only two realistic options.

As someone who is a former gym enthusiast (I dropped my gym membership when I did the math that it made more financial sense to be spending $1200 per year on exercise equipment at home, on archery equipment, on vacations, etc...) I can honestly say that I never hit on any one at the gym. Partially because I wasn't single at the time, and partially because I wouldn't know what to say anyway.

It has been over a decade since I had a gym membership and I have since become a big enthusiast of bodyweight exercises and similar frugal exercises that don't require a gym.

With the COVID / Coronavirus lockdown going on I feel it is a good time to remind people you don't need a gym to exercise.

You just need some music and you can exercise at home! Browse the long list of frugal exercises on my website if you're bored and looking to try some new exercises. ;)

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