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6-Minute Cardio Fat Blaster

Want to increase your metabolism? Apparently one of the best things to do is to have a very short vigorous workout (ie. a Quickie) and then go about your daily business.

Here is a quick 6 minute workout I found that burns fat superfast.

0:00-1:00: Bouncing Shuffle

Squat slightly with elbows bent at sides. Shuffle left to right for 4 counts each.

1:00-1:30: Jog in place

1:30-2:30 Speed Skate

Hop from side to side, swinging opposite leg behind you and arms in the direction you're moving.

2:30-3:00: Jog in place

3:00-4:00: Knee Crunch

Lunge with left knee bent, right leg extended behind you, arms to front at shoulder height. Bend right knee and pull toward chest as you crunch upper body toward right knee (as shown); extend back to lunge. Switch legs after 30 seconds.

4:00-4:30: Jog in place

4:30-5:30: Jump Squat

Twist Squat with feet hip-width apart, hands behind head. Rotate torso to left and right, then jump, hands overhead. Land with knees soft and repeat.

5:30-6:00: Jog in place

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