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Interval Training, Burn Calories Faster

To get this blog on the roll I decided to research fast ways to burn calories. Some of the ideas I came across include:

Interval Training

Walk for 5 minutes at a moderate intensity (an effort of about 6 or 7 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being lying around and 10 being sprinting). Then speed up for 5 minutes at a high intensity (about an 8 or 9). Repeat for 40 minutes.

Super Intervals

Do the interval workout above with while carrying something (ie. a weight belt or a backpack with a book or two in it). Strap it on and get a short but highly effective workout. Repeat for 30 minutes. (The advantage to this one is you can adjust the amount of extra weight you want to carry on you, depending on your energy levels and endurance.)

(Make sure you warm up and cool down for a few minutes both before and after your walk.)

Brisk Walk Calories burned: approx. 250
Time (minutes):60

Speed intervals Calories burned: approx. 270
Time (minutes):40

Super intervals Calories burned: approx. 300
Time (minutes):30

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