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25 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

Need more motivation to exercise? Here is 25 ways to help get you motivated.

#1. After a really good workout your body feels GOOD. A little muscle pain, but you feel energized and awesome. Think about that feeling more often and it will help motivate you.

#2. Me time is important. Having time to exercise can also be time to think and relieve stress. Exercise is great for relieving stress. (Especially boxing.)

#3. Keep track of how many calories burned. When you see the numbers it helps motivate you to burn more. Counting calories = Motivation to burn more.

#4. Choose fun exercises. Archery, boxing, skiiing, snowboarding, ice skating, swordfighting, climbing... whatever you really enjoy, do it!

#5. Combine exercise with other fun activities. ie. Photography and cycling go really well together.

#6. Imagine a slimmer, fitter you. If it helps look at old photos of you when you were younger / fitter. You can even photoshop images of yourself and then make those images your goal.

#7. Fitness magazines can help motivate you. They're also a great source of ideas for exercises you can do.

#8. Fitness films. ie. Rocky. Watching such films can really motivate you to get up and go.

#9. Fitness Models. For some people looking at other people (even photoshopped / genetically freaks) can help motivate them to work harder to achieve their fitness goals.

#10. Subscribe to fitness blogs like this one to see what other people are doing. Readings exercise ideas and success stories can really help you with motivation.

#11. REWARD YOURSELF. Never reward yourself with food. New clothes or fitness items make more fun rewards. ie. A new bicycle. Don't reward yourself for inconsistency. Only reward yourself for making your exercise schedule a constant.

#12. Fitting into smaller clothes, old or new, will make you feel awesome. Nothing like being able to fit into your old jeans from high school.

#13. Dating. Nothing like dating to make you feel attractive and motivated to keep exercising.

#14. Feel the Adrenaline rush. Some exercises give you a high because they're exciting to do. Ride that adrenaline rush and enjoy it!

#15. Music! Listen to music while you work out. The more exciting the music the better it is. I recommend two things: Movie themes from action movies; Classical music which is exciting, like the Hall of the Mountain King.

#16. An Exercise Partner. Having an exercise partner helps keep you motivated and on schedule.

#17. Exercise Classes. If you can't find an exercise partner then a class is just as good. Even better, an exercise class with FRIENDS. Or you will make new friends there.

#18. An exercise coach or personal trainer. Worth the money if you actually have tonnes of money to afford such extras. Their primary job is to motivate and challenge you. (If you live in Toronto you could even hire me as your personal trainer.)

#19. An Exercise Log / Chart. Keeping track of which exercises you did is almost as important as counting calories. Having a graph can show you visually what you've done. You can measure your weight on a weekly basis and see how much you improve. You won't see much results daily because weight fluctuates based on hormones, but weekly results will make you realize how well its working.

#20. Before, During and After Photos. Some people only take before and after photos, but during photos are also fun. You can even make a video showing the weight melt off. Take photos during the journey is fun. I recommend weekly photos.

#21. Set Big Goals that are Attainable. ie. Sign up for a marathon or a triathalon. Having an event to train for can help motivate you.

#22. Your Children and Grandchildren. Imagine living long enough to have grandchildren and being able to chase youngsters around in your 80s. As opposed to dying in your 60s or 70s from heart failure.

#23. Measure yourself with a tape and track your results.

#24. Collect motivational quotes and put them on your fridge or other things.

#25. Collect comments on how good you look. Write them down and add them to the motivational quotes.

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