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Whey Protein Supplements

Now if you've seen them in stores before you know what they are. Whey Protein containers... they look a bit like a bucket and what is inside is usually chocolate flavoured protein, a whole whack-load of chemicals designed to give you energy (like Creatine, a chemical which boosts energy being sent to your muscle tissue) all wrapped up in a chocolaty powder designed to be mixed with milk or water.

Speaking for myself I've been doing weightlifting and boxing for several years now (nothing professional, just as part of my weight loss / muscle bulking goal) and what I've learned is that whey protein supplements are really only useful if you're getting in a lot of exercise. As in at least 1 hour per day.

So if you're only doing 5 minute workouts you might as well just stick with your regular nutritious diet. The supplements aren't going to help you much.

But if you're jogging for an hour per day, doing weightlifting for an hour per day, or aerobics... or anything that causes you to break a sweat and gets your heart rate going (really rowdy sex) for an hour... then you might want to consider having 1 scoop of whey protein + 2 glasses of milk.

The Whey Protein I use is SIX STAR MUSCLE. The same as in the photo above.

Why do I prefer that one? Because I like the chocolate flavour and it has 26 grams of protein in one scoop. One of those per day is enough for my fitness routine and I only drink one if I know I am going to be exercising a lot on that day. The professional weightlifters are consuming 6 scoops per day (156 grams of protein) in addition to their regular diet... but that is just craziness. You would need to be exercising 30 to 40 hours per week to make that much protein actually do its job.

For myself my goal right now is to get rock hard abs, so I am combining a cardio routine with a battery of abdominal exercises designed to beef up my abs in a hurry. So I figured I might as well be taking 1 scoop per day to help speed up the process.

Whey protein supplements isn't for everyone. If you don't want all the extra muscle and just want to lose weight then you definitely don't need it. So if you're doing yoga, aerobics, cycling, etc and want a slim cyclist / yoga instructor physique then its definitely not for you.

There are plenty of places in Toronto where you can buy whey protein, including Shoppers Drug Mart. If you have a personal trainer they can also give you advice on how much whey protein you should be using to compliment your weight lifting routine.

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