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Motivating yourself for Summer Exercises

Thanks to global warming it's becoming so warm here in Toronto that sometimes it may be difficult finding your motivation to go outside an exercise. You might even be nostalgic for winter and the freezing cold.

However the good news is the summer keeps us feeling more active and energetic (thanks to Vitamin D from the the extra daylight) so let's use that to our advantage to get revved up for summer training!

#1. Get Excited by Planning Bike, Walk or Run Routes

When it is raining outside (a rarity in the summer) it's a great time to plan for a day when the weather will be more stable in a couple of weeks. Check out bicycle trail and hiking maps of Toronto and visit a place that you have never been to before. Even if you have to drive or take the public transit to get there, it will be worth it for a day of activity. Remember to bring your camera, picnic basket/picnic blanket and a cute friend!

#2. Get Motivated for the Summer Though Visualization

A lot of personal trainers advocate the power of visualization and meditation. Imagine your summer fitness goal, whether it's looking great in a Victoria Secret catalogue or imagining yourself running for an hour every Sunday morning. Always keep your eye on the prize, and the goal will seem more achievable!

Avoid negativity and visualize the positive benefits of achieving your exercise goals.

#3. Get Excited about Swimming

Check out local Toronto outdoor pools (many of them are free!) and if you don't know how to swim book yourself some swimming lessons in Toronto.

#4. Get Motivated with Summer Recipes

And I don't mean beer BBQd chicken. Although I admit that is fun to make.

A lot of summer recipes are healthy, refreshing and delicious. In the summer we stop making hot soups, stews and chili and start experimenting with fruit, vegetables, salads, beans and legumes. Plan your new weekly menu and start your summer fitness regimen with a whole new and exciting diet which will take advantage of what is available.

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