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5 Tips to Push Yourself Harder

Doing something is better than nothing, even if measurable results stopped happening a long time ago. Many people want continual progression they can measure, they just don't now how to take it to the next level where things become more abstract and they can't measure things like "muscle control". These five tips will help you to push yourself harder, to test your limits and give yourself the extra edge.

Five Tips to Push Yourself Harder 
+ Get Better Results

1. Form is Everything

Even if you think that you're practicing correct technique, it doesn't hurt to brush up and confirm your form. Maybe even hire a personal trainer to make certain you are using the correct postures. If you can't afford that review posture and form online or buy/borrow a book from the library. Not only will this improve results but along the way, you will find new exercises to spice up the workout.

2. Add more Weight / Reps

Don't fear the weights! If you have been doing bicep curls with 5 pound dumbbells for five years, an increase to 8 or 10 pounds will get you added results within a few sessions. With such low weights you will not pack on muscle but your arms will be much more toned and defined!

3. Mind your Diet

Studies show that high carbs, high fat diets are causing that belly fat that simply will not go away. Plan a few meals per week which have lean protein and vegetables as the main course. No matter what meal plan you create, there's never any need to give up foods that you enjoy forever but if you do cut back on high fat, extra carbs and alcohol you will be able to achieve an overall difference.

4. Try Different Activities

Every once in a while do something completely different. Take a water aerobic class, do archery, boxing, martial arts or join a walking / nature hiking group. Variations in types of activities will work the body in a different way and promote new results.

Try to vary your workouts by changing the amount of time you work out, using different exercises and alternating intensity levels.

5. Get Some Rest

Fatigue produces stress hormones which don't allow fat cells to release their fatty deposits. A lack of rest and sleep causes the body stress, even if the mind feels unaffected. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep a night to stay well rested and to allow the body to burn fat, digest and function at its optimal ability.

Or better yet, get 6 hours of sleep and 1 hour nap in the early afternoon. Sietas are good for you so if you're life is hectic try and sneak in some siesta time every weekend.

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