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I recently came across several different sets of rules for Archery Etiquette. Most archery ranges have these rules (or similar rules) posted up somewhere at the range.

If they don't then its really up for people to teach newcomers to the support what things are expected and what things are considered rude.

For most archers this isn't a problem. Most archers are extremely polite and would never think to touch another person's equipment or even mock the equipment of others. But since all the recent films (Avatar, The Hunger Games, Brave, The Avengers, etc) there are a lot of new people at archery ranges across North America and they don't know that a certain level of politeness is expected.


A good archer does NOT

Brag about their expensive equipment and mock other people's equipment.
Offer advice unless asked or first obtaining permission to offer advice.
Talk in a very loud voice whilst others are shooting.
Talk to another archer who prefers to be silent while concentrating.
Touch or use another archer's equipment without permission.
Walk up and down the line comparing scores and mocking others.
Shoot distances beyond their capability, continually missing and holding up shooting.
Refuses to share target butts when there are many archers shooting.
Smoking near the shooting line.
Leave litter on the archery ground.
Refuse to replace another's arrow damaged through their carelessness.
Behave in an unprofessional manner (eg. drunkenness and archery don't mix).

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