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Morning Weightlifting Exercises

Doing weightlifting in the morning for 10 minutes every day is a great way to build muscle and add to your daily routine. For best results, exercise right before eating a breakfast with a fair bit of protein in it. eg. Eggs or Pancakes.

Some people argue in favour of eating some carbs before exercising in the morning so you have more energy, which is great for jogging, but with weightlifting its typically better to exercise first and then eat something with protein in it so you are getting the benefits of post-exercise muscle growth. The sooner you eat protein after weightlifting the better. (Or even eating during the routine, although that can result in cramping.)

Handy Tips!

#1. Focus on lots of repetitions. If you can't do 10+ of the same weightlifting exercise then you are picking something too difficult. Ideally you want to be doing something 30 to 50 times.

#2. Use a variety of different exercises which emphasize different muscles. Don't just focus on your biceps. Target your forearms, triceps, core muscles, leg muscles, triceps, pectorals, obliques and more. If you only focus on one set of muscles you will see very little results. A full body approach garners better results.

#3. Hydrate! Drink lots of water, or better yet, drink juice while exercising.

#4. Listen to music to help you build a rhythm and motivate yourself while weightlifting.

#5. A small whey protein drink with your breakfast after you've exercised won't hurt. Plus a multivitamin is also a wise choice.

#6. Avoid lifting anything too heavy that you hurt yourself. You want to rip muscles, not throw your back out and be in pain for a whole week.

#7. If your primary goal isn't to bulk up with muscle and your goal is mostly to lose weight then mix your routine with cardio to give yourself a better calorie burn.

#8. Stretches! Stretches help keep your muscles limber and you maintain the full range of motion. Practice doing a variety of stretches before and/or after your weightlifting routine.

#9. Bodyweight Exercises (see the Frugal Exercise on this website) are a great way to add more challenges to your weightlifting routine without costing you an extra dime.

#10. Use your Anger! If you've got pent up emotions like anger in your system use that anger up while weightlifting. It will relieve stress and boost your adrenaline levels, allowing you to endure more than you normally would.

Happy Weightlifting!

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