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Learning to Eat Healthy - Cooking Lessons

Learning how to exercise is only part of the problem when it comes to attaining your physical goals. Learning how to eat healthy is an equally important goal.

However not everyone is raised knowing how to cook. Sure, your mother probably taught you how to bake cookies... but those aren't exactly healthy.

When it comes to cooking a lot of your options aren't very healthy either. You have to learn how to make healthy choices and healthier recipes.

You could just buy a recipe book with lots of healthy recipes in it... and then forget to read it. Many people do that. It takes effort to go out and buy all the necessary ingredients and even more effort to experiment with new recipes.

The easiest way to learn is to have a friend teach you. eg. My friend Lyn from taught me everything I know about Vegan cooking.

However lets pretend your friends are either busy, not that good at cooking healthy, or lack the necessary teaching skills. So what are your remaining options?

Well you could take cooking classes, but often such classes are geared towards a specific topic such as Italian cooking lessons in Toronto.

However you could get private cooking lessons in on a topic of your choice. My recommendation would be Luca from, because his prices are exceptionally fair and you can choose the menu from a range of healthy options. He does specialize in Italian cooking, but if you check out the variety of recipes on his website you will see quite a few healthy vegetarian based recipes.

See for example:

Tortiglioni with Tomatoes

Potato Croquettes with Zucchini

Fresh Stuffed Tomatoes

Couscous with Vegetables and Saffron

Want more? Consider hiring Luca for his private cooking lessons in Toronto.

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