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8 Super Fun Exercises Anyone Can Do!

1. Instead of Running (679 calories at a pace of 11 minutes per mile)... Try Ultimate Frisbee (572 calories)

In the USA check out and find local groups you can join.

2. Instead of Step Aerobics (360–714 calories)... Try Hula Hooping (420–600 calories)

3. Instead of the Elliptical Trainer (465 calories)... Try Salsa Dancing (393 calories)

4. Instead of Swimming (429–786 calories)... Try Rowing (250–600 calories)

5. Instead of Weight Training (214 calories)... Try Hiking with a Backpack (500 calories)

6. Instead of Walking (236–360 calories)... Try Ice Skating (500 calories)

7. Instead of Riding the Stationary Bike (393–786 calories)... Try Cross-Country Skiing (500–643 calories)

8. Instead of Push Ups (236–360 calories)... Try Archery (260-400 calories)

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