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The Frugal Summer Workout

Summertime is a great time to exercise and lose weight as long as you can avoid the beer tents and ice cream shops. In the summer most people eat less and become more active outdoors.

Below is a series of four exercises which take about 12 minutes to do. Done daily they provide a full body workout which focuses on the body parts most exposed in the summertime: Legs, butt, triceps and abs. Thus this workout is good for if you want to get that beach perfect body and is a great compliment to your regular cardio and/or weightlifting routine.

#1. Wall Sit for 1 Minute

#2. 20 Squats

#3. 20 Dips

#4. 20 Crunches

Repeat each of the four exercises 3 times in a rotating order and you've got yourself a full body workout that costs you nothing.

And its only 12 minutes per day!

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