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The Adrenaline High Weight Loss Program

First you need to understand what Adrenaline is.

Adrenaline and noradrenaline, the main catecholamines, act to break down fat stores and burn them in a hurry to provide energy to your blood (and your muscles) very quickly so you can put the most into whatever you doing.

eg. You and your lover get caught by a police officer doing something illegal in public and the two of you make a run for it, jump 5 fences, run around some corners and lose him.

Note: In my effort to find a photo for this I thought of the film The Adjustment Bureau. Oh well. At least its family friendly.

The adrenaline high of getting caught gives you the edge the police officer doesn't have. The police officer might be good physical shape for his age, but if you have youth and adrenaline on your side its pretty much a guarantee you can outpace him.

Unless the cop has a bicycle or a car, in which case you're screwed. (Pun intended. Go find a less public place to have sex next time.)

Now here is the benefit:

That adrenaline high can last a long time. Once its released it can be in your blood for hours. Everything you do for the next couple of hours will have a heightened amount of energy being put into it. (Pun NOT intended that time, happy coincidence.) That means you are burning fat at a faster rate that you would normally, plus getting the added benefit of adrenaline being a natural pain killer.

Now here is the catch:

How do you get an adrenaline high while exercising? After all you can't just run around doing illegal things all the time and then running away. You would, eventually, get caught. That means you have to think of alternative ways to get an adrenaline high. Finding different (and legal) ways to get an adrenaline high requires a bit of research:

#1. Sky Diving.

#2. Bungee Jumping.

#3. Marathon Running (because you think you're going to have an heart attack).

#4. Flying (think aerial acrobatics).

#5. A Bicycle Race (similar to running a marathon, but the added danger that you might crash).

#6. Roller Blading (but try not to get yourself killed).

#7. Play Video Games (high octane action games can trigger an adrenaline rush).

#8. Sex in Public (sadly illegal, but still on the list).

#9. Flirting with Strangers (yes, some people get really excited just doing that).

#10. Public Speaking (if you are terrified of speaking in front of large numbers).

#11. Confronting your Fears (and then running away).

#12. Nightmares (the next time you have a nightmare that scares you get up and exercise afterwards).

#13. Exciting Music (and then dance naked to it).

#14. Be Sneaky / Trespassing (again, this is something that is potentially illegal).

#15. High Intensity Cardio (see the video below as an example).

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