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The Twelve Steps of Becoming Healthier

Do you have a problem with eating too much and exercising too little? Many of us in North America have this problem, often the result of sitting behind a desk at work all day, eating out or eating poorly at home, and too much TV and internet and almost no exercise.

Learning how to self motivate yourself to exercise is tricky. Its easier to do it with a personal trainer (like me) or you can try the DIY method.

If you do try and go with the DIY method here is a 12 step approach to eating healthier and exercising more:

The Twelve Steps of Becoming Healthier

1. First you have to admit that you have a problem. Your over-consumption of food and your general unwillingness to exercise. Denying it by saying "I am not fat, I am just big boned!" or blaming your genetics is not going to help you.

2. Recognize that you can make small changes in progressive steps and turn your life around. There is hope.

3. Made a decision to stop eating everything just because its there and you're feeling depressed. Make a list of every reason you eat unhealthy food, a sort of moral inventory of eating when you depressed, angry, etc.

4. You need to have self-confidence and courage that you can do this.

5. Admit to your friends and family the exact nature of your weight problems.

6. Recognize your character defects that leads you to overeat and not exercise.

7. Seek answers for your shortcomings.

8. Made a list of all the exercises you enjoy doing. Especially exercises that require moving around a lot (cardio).

9. Seek out other people who have also had weight problems and learn from their successes.

10. Continued to keep track of your eating vices and work to control them.

11. Make a conscious effort to make your exercise workouts part of your daily routine and something fun that you look forward to every day.

12. Awaken yourself to the reality that exercising is more fun than watching TV and its something you can keep doing all the days of your life.



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