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Anytime, Anywhere Fitness

Okay, admittedly there are some times when maybe you should NOT do exercises.

#1. At a funeral.

#2. Jumping jacks in an elevator.

#3. When your best friend tells you that their mom has cancer.

#4. When your boss is threatening to fire you and you suddenly have the urge to do boxing...

But the basic concept of "Anytime, Anywhere Fitness" is to be able to exercise when waiting for something (like your friend to pick you up on the side of the road because your car broke down) and you've got nothing better to do.

So instead of pacing back and forth, which I admit is still exercise, try skipping, doing jumping jacks, yoga, jogging in one spot, etc. If you have something heavy that you can use as a weight you can even do weightlifting with your groceries, briefcase, backpack, books, etc.

Once you learn how to do this you start to realize how there is no shortage of time available to exercise. You can exercise in the shower (I like doing chin ups in the shower, but make sure whatever you are using can support your weight), you can take the stairs at work instead of the elevator, you can lift your own bodyweight while sitting in your chair at work using your arm rests, you can do chin ups on the monkey bars while waiting to pick up your kids after school, you can play tag with your kids or if they're older take an interest in whatever spots they are into (including archery, which is really popular now, but you will need equipment for that).

If you tell a personal trainer you have no time to exercise they will look at you with a pained expression of disappointment because they're well aware that people have plenty of time to exercise... but choose not to because of lack of motivation.

There's always time! If you truly want to workout there's a time in the day that can be put aside no matter how busy life gets.

Three Tips to Squeeze in a Workout

1. The Morning

It's not uncommon for me to wake up at 4 or 5am and my neighbour wakes up at 3! Working out early in the morning has the benefit of getting the routine out of the way early so that no matter what the days throws your way it won't derail the fitness plan.

2. Pencil it in

A lot of people miss their workout because they have other priorities that they have to get through, before they can hit the treadmill or weights. Fitness should be booked just like a meeting, doctor's appointment or picking up dry cleaning. If you say that you'll workout when you have time the fact is, when will you ever? There's not enough time in the day as it is!

3. Fitness Anywhere, Anytime

I'm not unaware that people actually do lead very busy lives. Some work long hours and simply do not have the energy for fitness late in the evening (and need to unwind) while others are busy parents who are trying to balance their work, family and social life. In this case just fit in some exercises whenever you can. Do squats while you cook, or push ups while you're on hold with a corporate client. Walk a few extra blocks to grab a healthier lunch.

Really all it takes is some extra effort and motivation. It has very little to do with time.

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