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How to Succeed in a Marathon

Autumn is a popular time of year for races and marathons in Toronto. The Scotiabank Waterfront Half Marathon for example, but if you want to compete in a long race you may want to take the following tips and advice into account to make yourself more competitive and to give yourself an extra energy boost.

Four Tips for a Successful Race-Day

#1. Eat well the night before and day of

You will want lots of energy and that means packing in the carbs the night before the race and on the morning of the race. Think pasta, bread, pretzels, anything with lots of energy in it. Just don't overdo it or you will feel bloated.

#2. Use the Washroom before the race

If you think that those porta-potties on the course will be vacant, think again! There's a huge line-up at every one! If you don't want to botch your time waiting in line 10 minutes, make sure everything is taken care of before you enter the corral and cross the start-line. Plus you will be able to run faster without carrying the extra weight in your bowels.

#3. Wear your Foil Blanket (Heatsheets) 

After you finish the race the volunteers will hand you a foil blanket. After the run you're pretty hot and sweaty and at first you think that the last thing you want is a blanket! But what actually happens is you start to cool down quickly after the race and you will feel hypothermic for about an hour after the race.

#4. Remember to stretch and eat after the race

It won't help you win, but its a good idea to eat something and stretch your legs/arms after the race. Otherwise you will be very sore for a week after the race. Have a friend bring grapes or some kind of fruit for you to eat after the race is over and try to do some stretching / yoga after the race.

Happy Racing!

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