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5 Reasons Why you should Exercise in the Morning

Here are FIVE great reasons to exercise in the morning:

1. Accomplishment Something in the Morning!

It's a fantastic feeling to start the day with success. Exercising in the morning sets off every day with a job well done and an accomplishment under your belt! Plus, exercise makes you feel good and this glow will carry with you all day long.

2. Get it out of the Way

How many times have you wanted to exercise after work but ended up pushing it aside for an emergency meeting, falling behind on chores or coming home from an especially tiring day at work? Exercising in the morning ensures that the workout is completed before any of life's other surprises can be thrown your way.

3. Better for Fat Burning

There has been a lot of research that indicates that exercising in the morning burns more fat if you exercise before eating breakfast. This is because there is no sugar or carbohydrates (glucose) to burn in your body so it is the fat cells that end up being used as an energy source. Also, cardio in the morning will increase your metabolism + heart rate the rest of the day, making your body a fat burning machine for the rest of the day even if you're sitting at a desk for 7 to 8 hours.

4. Weight Lifting Burn Time

Weightlifting in the Morning is also the best time to lift weights. Your body is well rested and (hopefully) stress free. The extra rest means your muscles are ready for some action and will build up more strength. If you lift weights in the morning eat a little something before you begin. eg. Cereal. The food energy will give you the extra "push" to work out harder and stay focused (for safety). Building muscle will help to burn more calories all of the time, even at rest!

5. Good for the Bowels Too!

Now maybe you aren't old enough to be worrying about this, but exercising in the morning is good for both your bladder and your bowels. Get into the routine and your plumbing will run like clockwork!

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