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Why Crazy Crash Diets Don't Work

You've probably noticed in the past how quite a few fad diets out there are based on the concept of a "crash diet". Meaning you go on the crash diet for a few weeks, lose weight, and then go back to your normal routine.

That is the theory at least.

The reality however is that it creates people on Yo-yo Diets wherein their weight goes up and down constantly, often gaining more weight each time the end a crash diet... and ultimately ending up being fatter than when they started.

There is a lot of articles available by diet industry professionals who are constantly promoting their weird diets. Its nothing new. People have been doing this for decades. And it keeps adding to the confusion and misinformation within the industry.

Some people in the industry (reporters...) will even misquote experts on purpose, just to push their own agenda. eg. An expert says cardio is good for losing weight and weightlifting is good for toning up muscles. Completely accurate. But the reporter instead writes that weightlifting is good for both... Which isn't wholly true or untrue. Yes, you could lose weight via weightlifting, but you would need to do a lot of repetitions and most people are not doing that. Ergo, the reporter is stretching the truth and misquoting the expert just because they want to push their own agenda.

Thus it becomes more important than ever to stress the old hallmarks of weight loss: Exercise and a Balanced Diet.

The problem however is that so many people are too lazy to exercise, and love instant gratification too much (junk food/fast food/processed foods) to eat a balanced diet. Toss in people binging on too much food and you have a recipe for gaining weight in a hurry.

It stands to logic then that the only true tried and tested method for losing weight is a balanced (and stable) diet combined with regular exercise. It really comes down to just doing cardio and proper nutrition.

It's not hard even. It's not complex either. It's just common sense. Eat sensible, smaller portions. Stop eating when you are full and don't deprive yourself. Eat junk food on special occasions but don't make a constant habit of it. Eat vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins. Avoid fried fatty foods.

It really is just simple science and math: Cut down on calories intake. Increase calorie usage. Result: Weight loss.

However some idiotic and self-proclaimed fitness pros are complicating and muddying the waters by spreading misinformation just so they can sell their book or DVD promoting their crazy Crash Diet... and hoping to become the newest diet fad so they can make a fortune.

The tried, tested and true "cardio and a balanced diet" won't sell any books because it sounds too normal, boring and like hard work.

But seriously, it works.

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