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The Top Three Worst Dieting Mistakes

#1. Not Indulging

If you're not enjoying your food, what's the point? Is being skinny more important than happiness? Really, think about it... What you really is to be able to eat your cake and enjoy it too, without feeling guilty about it.

#2. Saving Calories

When you skip a meal or eat less because you know you are going to a party or an event where you are likely to indulge then you are just causing a sugar imbalance that will ultimately lead you to binge eat on junk food when the time comes to finally eat. The better strategy is to eat a big, satisfying meal beforehand and you know what? Those chips and sweets don't look nearly as appetizing when you are already full on healthy, wholesome food.

#3. Mindless Eating

NEVER eat when you are busy on the computer or on the phone. I don't necessarily mean eat in complete and utter silence. I am talking about paying attention to what you are eating and eat measured amounts. Don't just watch TV with a bag of chips and suddenly the whole bag is empty. Be mindful of how much you want to eat by pouring it into a bowl, decide your limit and then don't go back for more when the bowl is empty.


When you are feeling emotional because there's so much work to do and you're hammering away on the keyboard chances are, you're going to eat a lot more than is required, before feeling satiated.

If you are trying to change your lifestyle and eating habits then you need to address some of your worst offending mistakes. Learn to tackle your weaknesses and control your cravings. You can still eat the foods you enjoy, but you have to exercise control and work on building up a mental immunity to your "weaknesses".

There is a chocolate bar in my fridge right now calling my name, but I am supposed to save it for when my girlfriend visits. Which brings me to a final tip: Save the good stuff for special occasions!

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